The Artist - Tristen Wallace


The Mission

Clean and authentic photography that captures a visual story and aims to inspire people to spend more time making positive memories.

The Experience

Only two things matter when we're done with your session:

That you had a great time and that you received awesome pictures uniquely tailored for you  

Photography isn't a purely technical service, I am not just snapping your picture and sending you on your way. Every picture has to tell a story, so it's important to me that I get to know you and figure out the most creative way to tell that story.

Shoot me an email or give me a call to learn more :)

"Wanting to explore the world and my own creative aspirations, I decided that I needed to pursue photography, and knew success would follow if I threw my life into the work I loved."

The Story

It all started on a trip to Kenya, where I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks living in a village taking pictures and telling the natives' story. I began to realize my love for photography and started making moves to make it a larger part of my life.

I had been working an average desk job as an engineer, where I spent day after day sitting in a box, staring at a screen. This finally built up to the realization that I was completely wasting my life, because I wasn’t enjoying it. By working there, I was doing exactly what I had told so many others not to do: choosing money over happiness.  

So I decided doing what I loved was more important than doing what was expected of me. Wanting to explore the world and my own creative aspirations, I decided that I needed to pursue photography, and throw myself into the work I love.

I am a visual storyteller at heart, and happiest when taking a picture. This comes through in my work, as passion and experience are keys to creative quality. Happiness is contagious, and it only takes one person in a room to change the entire atmosphere. One optimistic person who derives happiness internally, rather than relying on external events,  acts as an infinite source of joy for others. I strive to be this person, this beacon of jovial energy.

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